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"Hej od Krakowa" Project – are wonderful, popular, but also those less known Polish folk songs from Cracow region in a new arrangement: funny, entertaining, in true Cracow spirit, but also in the world best interpretation.

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The latest news

The world premiere of the album

"Hej Od Krakowa" Album is now for sale in iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play and other stores.

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"Gazeta Krakowska" Newspaper, 20.08.2014

"Gazeta Krakowska" newspaper on august 20, 2014 printed the article "Town folklore in a modern version".


"Hej Od Krakowa" arrived to Wawel

It is our pleasure to inform that our CD is now for sale in Cracow souvenir stores. Ask at: IRSA-Wawel at Wawel Castle.

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Where to find
the songs?

Samples of the song are on this site, full versions you will find on CD.

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Interview on Interia.TV

Folklore does not have to be dull and old fashioned. You can enjoy the beauty of the old style, or take it as an inspiration to create something new – in today's style and contemporary. Nina Wertz in her interview explains the idea of the revival of the old Cracow folklore.

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Where to buy the album?

If you need more information about this project, or would like to purchase this album, please contact with us.

At this time CDs are available from the producer. You can also buy them in souvenir stores in Cracow. read more


Vocalist, author and musical production director the "Hej od Krakowa" album. In 2011 cooperated with Maryla Rodowicz on the promotional tour of her latest record called "50". In that capacity, she took part together with Maryla in TOP TRENDY Festivals in Opole and Sopot. She also worked with Jacek Zieliński of "Skaldowie" band recording the "Od Krakowa jadę" song, singing in duet with him.


Hej od Krakowa!

On the "Hej od Krakowa" album are 10 "krakowiak's" folk songs. The aim of the CD is to promote the city of Cracow through the folk songs recorded in a new interpretation that may appeal to the broader audience. We invite you to check them out!

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Cracow folk skirts

Did you like those colorful folk skirts? We like them too. There is already a demand to buy them.

Take a look at the album photo session and see for yourself how beautiful they are.

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