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The "Hej Od Krakowa" album was created having in mind the City of Cracow and its citizens. The authors of the Project, vocalist Nina Wertz and the arranger Jarosław Olszewski present Cracow folk music in a new and unusual form. They give a proof that Cracow folklore is still interesting and very optimistic, and served in a contemporary way will attract the also young generation.

Well known Polish folk songs - "Płynie Wisła płynie" ("The Vistula River Flows"), "Jak długo na Wawelu" ("As Long As The Wawel Stands") or "Oj Krakowiak Ci ja" ("The Boy From Cracow") – in a new arrangements take a new meaning. Every song was recorded in a different style, to demonstrate what could be done with the old Cracow folk songs.

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Płynie Wisła płynie (The Vistula River Flows)

lyrics in Polish

Leć głosie po rosie (Fly My Song To My Girl)

lyrics in Polish

Brama Floryjańska (Florian Gate)

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Hej wa chłopcy Krakowiacy (Boys From Cracow Song)

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Na Wawel, na Wawel (Let's Go To The Wawel Castle)

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Jak długo na Wawelu (As Long As The Wawel Stands)

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Hej od Krakowa jadę (Leaving Cracow For The Unknown)

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Koło mego ogródeczka (In My Little Garden)

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Od Krakowa jadę (Coming From Cracow)

(featuring Jacek Zieliński member of Skaldowie band)

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Oj Krakowiak ci ja (The Boy From Cracow)

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We set, sipped beer and chatted ...

The "Hej od Krakowa" album was created with a thought about the City of Cracow and it's dwellers. Cheerful musical enterpretations bring a smile, and contemporary style brings also attention of the young people. We hope the "Hej od Krakowa" album will appeal not only to the citizens of Cracow, but also to the tourists visiting our City!

Krakofonix / producer

Every song was arranged in a different style, to show that the oldies can still be the goodies. You will find there "Rihanna", latin, gospel, jazz, blues, pop and rock rhythms.

Nina Wertz / vocalist

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