Hej od Krakowa...

How it all started...

Nice, warm summer day was drawing to the close. In the hustle and bustle of Cracow's coffee shops we were trying to wind down after a long working week...

It is when came this idea, to play with the music and find out how to sing the old Cracow folk songs in a contemporary style. It took us all by surprise what we were able to do. We hope you will also share that feeling!

"Hej od Krakowa" Project was created by:



Music Publisher specializing in Polish and regional music.

For more visit: www.krakofonix.com


Nina Wertz

Vocalist, author and musical production director the "Hej od Krakowa" album. In 2011 cooperated with Maryla Rodowicz on the promotional tour of her latest record called "50". In that capacity, she took part together with Maryla in TOP TRENDY Festivals in Opole and Sopot. She also worked with Jacek Zieliński of "Skaldowie" band recording the "Od Krakowa jadę" song, singing in duet with him.

For more visit: www.ninawertz.pl


Jacek Zieliński

Vocalist, violinist, one of the leaders of the Skaldowie Band. In duet with Nina, recorded the "Od Krakowa jadę" ("Coming From Cracow") song, in a retro style.

For more visit: www.skaldowie.pl


Jarosław Olszewski

Pianist, arranger, sound director. Graduate of the Cracow Music Academy in Piano Department and Sound Studio in Cracow. Winner of many piano competitions. Active piano concert performer, as well as the author of music arrangements for musical teams, "Sponta" (hip-hop band), "DrumSonic" – in the project "Dancing death" (Rock Berlin Cabaret Theater). Author of music for multimedia presentations, computer games, Internet sites. On the "Hej od Krakowa" album he is responsible for it's sound arrangements.


Tomasz Wertz

On the "Hej od Krakowa" album – percussion instruments advisor, a background vocal. Currently a session drums man. As a experienced musician performed with Leszek Możdżer, Damage Control, Ada Fijał, Mariusz Bogdanowicz Trio, Grzegorz Turnau. His first vocal performance was singing Marek Grechuta songs on the record "Songs for Children", like well known "Jadę pociągiem prawdziwym" ("I'm riding the real big train"), at the age of 10.

For more visit: www.tomaszwertz.pl


Magda Łukasik

Violinist. Graduate of the Cracow Music Academy. Performed as a session musician with Piotr Rubik.


Michał Siarzewski

Photographer, author of the photo session for the "Hej od Krakowa" album.

For more visit: www.siarzewski.com


Maciej Recha

Computer Graphics Designer. Author of the Project CD cover.


Piotr Kaczmar

Computer Graphics Designer. Second edition of the Project CD cover.

For more visit: www.kaczmar.pl


Ewa Wolińska-Jamróz

Stylist, designer, image creator. Designed and created a modern Cracow girl outfit, based on the old folk contume. see the photo session


Jerzy Kulik

We give special thanks to English translator - Jerzy Kulik.


Sylwia Szewczyk


For more visit: Sylwia Szewczyk Fotografia

We set, sipped beer and chatted ...

The "Hej od Krakowa" album was created with a thought about the City of Cracow and it's dwellers. Cheerful musical enterpretations bring a smile, and contemporary style brings also attention of the young people. We hope the "Hej od Krakowa" album will appeal not only to the citizens of Cracow, but also to the tourists visiting our City!

Krakofonix / producer

Every song was arranged in a different style, to show that the oldies can still be the goodies. You will find there "Rihanna", latin, gospel, jazz, blues, pop and rock rhythms.

Nina Wertz / vocalist

We invite you to listen to our songs!

The Team


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